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Hello Friends, In this Blog, We will learn how to create a responsive service page or service services section design using Materialize CSS. On this website, I have shared many example codes on CSS animation examples, HTML CSS, JavaScript, Webdesign, jQuery plugin implementation, etc. Please check those out if you want. For this project, I would recommend you to follow the below video tutorial. In this way, you will have a clear-cut idea about what we are going to make here.

I hope you have watched the video tutorial and get some idea about the project. The services page layout or our services page is one of the most crucial pages on any website. The services section affirms what a particular company offer. It also reveals why a company is better than the rest. So designing a service section that stands out from the rest is necessary for any company website. In this project, we have taken three service boxes, each with an icon, service name, and some random text related to the services. 

For this service page examples or services section design, we have used materialize CSS. Now, What is Materialize CSS? Materialize CSS is CSS Framework based on material design. There are some other frameworks out there. One of the popular frameworks is called Bootstrap. Materialize CSS framework is created by Google. We are going to use the grid system of this framework for making this project. We have also used line icons for the symbols that we have implemented. We have to pay for using all the icons from their website. There are some free icons available which we have used for this project.

In the Html part, we have taken a container class, which will act as the wrapper of the entire project. Then we have taken a header tag for indicating what the section is. After that, we took a row class and created three responsive column grids. Like Bootstrap, there is also a 12 column grid system. Here the 'col' represents the columns. The 's12', 'm6', and 'l4' classes represent how many spaces the services boxes will occupy on different devices. We have implemented a nice blueish hover effect to make the snippet looks more interactive.

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Services Section design using Materialize CSS [ Source Code ]:

For this project, you have to create two files. One is Html with a .html extension and, the other is CSS file with a .css extension. Add necessary cdns like the way I did in the video tutorial. Also, add the external CSS file in your HTML file or, the project will not get its required styles. Please copy the code from the below code boxes and, paste it into your relevant files and save them.



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