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A logo Slider or client logo slider or logo carousel is a slider that is used to showcase a list of clients, supporters, partners, or sponsors' logos on any web layout. If you've done a project for a big company, imagine what it would be like. You can now show the logos of these companies on your website in a way that is easy to understand. When a visitor sees the logo, they may order the same service from you, because they will get impressed. For the success of the company, every website should have a client logo slider on the website. I would like you to watch the video to get a better idea about the project. This will help you with the code implementation. There are a lot of videos on front-end development on our YouTube channel. If you want to learn more about front-end development then you can subscribe to our channel.

I wish you understood the basic concept of the project after watching the video. So we have created a logo slider using only HTML and CSS. There are many slider plugins online through which you can easily create this logo carousel. Some of these slider plugins are swiper slider, owl carousel, etc. We made this slider using only CSS keyframes animation. Since it is made with HTML CSS only, it can have many limitations. This project will suit CSS enthusiasts who are just starting to get into web design.

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Client Slider using only HTML and CSS [ Source code ]:

You have to first create two files. There are two of them, one is HTML and the other is CSS You need to add the external CSS file to your HTML file. Take the code from the box below and paste it into your project. If the code doesn't work, you can download the source code from the download button below.



I hope you have implemented the code perfectly. We regularly post source code for front-end development on our blog. These snippets are good for beginners in front-end development. Please share our blog posts with others who will enjoy reading them as much as you have. Sharing is caring, we all know about that. You can help others learn by learning for yourself. Thank you so much for visiting, we appreciate it.


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