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Hello and welcome to today's blog. Today we will learn how to create a Contact Form With Flip Animation Effect. We have shared many snippets in this blog. You can come and see them once you want. We also publish regular videos on front-end development on our YouTube channel. Join us by subscribing to our channel. Watch the full video tutorial below before taking the source code of the project. This will help you to understand the code.

Hope you watched the full video. Here we have taken two divs called front and back inside a div called 'box'. I put some text and a button on the front part. Clicking on this button will create a flip animation and the back part will come in front of us. A simple contact form has been created in the back part using some basic input elements.

First, all the elements of the project have been styled using some basic CSS. To create the flip animation, the same class 'animate' has been used in the front part's button and in the back part's close icon. Then some custom jQuery codes have been used to rotate the two div towards 180 degrees in the Y-axis.

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Contact Form With Flip Animation Effect [ Source Code ]:

To create this snippet, you first need to create an HTML file and then a CSS file. Later you need to add an external CSS file to the HTML file. You need to add the latest jquery file. You can use either use the CDN version or the downloadable version of the jquery files. Then you will copy the code below and paste it into the file. If you encounter any problem with the following file, you can download the source code from the download button.

I hope you have successfully implemented the code. If you like this project, please share our blog articles on social media. And stay by our side by subscribing to our YouTube channel. Thank you so much for visiting this blog.

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