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Hello Friends, in this tutorial, You will learn to create full-screen bootstrap 5 sliders with text animation using an animate CSS library. When the carousel image after an interval. All the banner text elements will animate one after another. I have shared many snippets on bootstrap, CSS animation examples, javascript, and HTML CSS. Please make sure to check those as well apart from this one. For better understanding, I will suggest you follow the below tutorial.

I hope you have watched the video and grab an idea about the coding behind the project. For the snippets, I have the used cdns for each library. You can directly download each file from the respective website and link them to your HTML file. Here carousel items are located in container class 'container inner. Each carousel-item div contains each slide for the slider. in the carousel-item div, we will add our images and the caption text for the animation. The carousel indicator will indicate the current position of the slides to the visitor.  The 'carousel-control-prev' and 'carousel-control-next' buttons have a navigation arrow that helps the users to navigate from one slide to another.

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To create the transparent navbar, I used the bootstrap 5 navbar template from the website. For making the navbar looks like the above image, I have omitted some unnecessary elements. We don't want the container to be 100% the width of the viewport. So I replaced the container-fluid class with container class so that the navbar takes some space from both slides. We also don't want search box, button, dropdown, and the others apart from link and brand name. So I excluded all of those. Then I have added four more nav-item for about, portfolio, services, and contact link. for taking the menu right side, I replaced 'me-auto' with 'ms-auto'. Using this bootstrap 5 class will take the navbar to the right side of the navbar. We don't have to add any extra CSS for that. I also used the fixed-top class, so that the navbar remains fixed on the top. By default, bootstrap 5 is responsive but here I have made some adjustments using media-queries so that the snippet looks perfect on the small devices. bootstrap codes run perfectly in all well-known browsers like google chrome, safari, Mozilla Firefox, IE6+, and so on. It can also be accessed from IOS and android. The code used in bootstrap is readable by any search engine because it has well-structured code.

Bootstrap Slider With Text Animation [ Source Code ]

Create one HTML file with .html extension and one CSS file with .css extension. link the external CSS in your HTML file. Link all the necessary files like bootstrap files, jquery, animate CSS cdn in the HTML file. Then copy the codes from the below code boxes and paste them in the corresponding file and save.



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