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Hello visitors, in this blog, I am sharing another code snippet on creating a responsive website design, CSS flexbox. In this flexbox layout design tutorial, I have tried to make a real-life example of flexbox layout and its responsive look. In this blog, I have shared a couple of CSS tricks, javascript, CSS animation examples, and jQuery-based snippets. Would you mind making sure to check those as well apart from this particular project?

CSS flexbox is a box layout that makes the developer's life easier. By using flexbox to make it responsive, developers don't need to rely on floating and positioning a specific element. It is also well-supported in most of the browsers that we use in our everyday life. For a detailed understanding of this project, I highly recommend you follow the tutorial below from start to finish.

I hope you watched the whole and understand the basic concept behind the creation of this project. I have taken an anchor tag with the logo text 'Safron' inside an h2 tag in the HTML file. If you want, you can try to put a logo image here. After that, I have taken some li to create four nav items like home, about services, and contact. I also linked the related section id's with anchor tags so that when we click a particular menu, it takes us to the corresponding area. After the header part, I have created another five-section like banner-area,about-area,services-area,contact-area, and a footer. I have taken a div named 'banner image' to generate a background image for the homepage in the banner area. Later created a header text, some related text, and a call-to-action button.
Next is the about section, where I have taken a title mentioning what this section is all about. Then I took an unordered list named 'about content' for the about section .inside 'about the content; I have taken two li elements. one for the left image and the other for the text content besides the photo. Then comes the services section, where I have taken the section title and three li elements for creating three services options for the website. I added a font-awesome icon, mentioned the service name and some random text. I applied the same techniques for the contact area, but you can put a contact form here. At the bottom part of the webpage, I have created a simple footer with some random copyright text.

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Now come to the CSS part. First, I have taken Poppins as the primary font family for the webpage I am creating here. You can select any fonts from google font and use them when you modify the snippet according to your needs. In the beginning, I have adjusted the default margin padding by setting them to zero. For shrinking the box to make space for the borders and padding, I have also taken box-sizing to border-box. I have utilized basic CSS styling for the snippet's ul element and anchor tags. For creating a flexbox layout, we need a container div that contains all the elements. In this project, the section tags are acting as the container of each segment. All the items used inside the section are acting like the children of the section container. I have used display flex and flex-direction to column. In this way, all elements will align side by side. I have used  CSS media queries and made some changes like CSS flex-basis, flex-wrap, and the other features in the HTML part. If you followed the video, you would get an idea about the coding I used here. Without any further details, I have given the code below in the code box to alter the code by yourself.

Responsive Website Design with Flexbox [ Source Code ]

For creating this project, you have to create two files. one is HTML file with .html extension and the other one is CSS file with .css extension. make sure to link the CSS file to the HTML file; otherwise, the HTML file will not get the style it requires.



I hope you have successfully created your version of the project. If you liked the snippet, please share this blog's articles and follow us on our social media profiles or stay connected with the blog. Thank you very much for visiting the blog.

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