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Hello Friends, Today in this blog, I am going to make a snippet based on how we can create a client logo slider or client logo carousel using HTML CSS and owl carousel. This slider or carousel is used to showcase the brand logo of the clients that have received or already received a company's services. When a new visitor visits a website and sees the brand logos of a famous company, they can get assured of good service from your company. The trust label will increase, and the company becomes more successful. So adding a brand logo slider or carousel is essential for all websites. I have shared many snippets based on CSS animation examples, bootstrap, and JavaScript in this blog. Please make sure to check those as well apart from this project. For a better understanding of the project, please follow the below tutorial till the end.

I hope you have watched the video and got the basic idea of the coding behind the project. For this snippet, I used bootstrap and owl carousel, two jquery plugins. Make sure to download those and add them to your project. You have to add the latest jquery file as well for the owl carousel plugin to work. You can use an online CDN link. in fact, I haved used the CDN version of each file for this snippet. First, I took a div named 'clients' and used two-row divs inside a container class. One is for the section header text, and the other is for the logo images I used for the snippets. Inside the owl-carousel div, I have included eight div's named 'item' and placed eight different png logo images in each box. for aligning the images in the center, and I used display grid property in the CSS. I also included a smooth transform scale animation on hover for each picture. In the owl carousel's initiation code, I have set the autoplay speed and autoplaytimeout to 4500 so that a slow sliding animation can occur. I put the slide transition value to linear so that the sliding animation appears like an HTML marquee animation. For the responsiveness, I have set the value to 2 for the small devices, 4 for the devices above 600px. Without further explanation, I am providing the code below so that you can have it.

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Client Logo Slider Using Owl Carousel 2 [ Source Code ]:

for making this snippet, create two files. one is HTML with .html extension and the other is CSS with .css extension. you can also create a js file for putting the initiating jquery script code of owl carousel. For this project, I have put the code below the project. Make sure to link the CSS file to the HTML file. Copy the code below from the code box and paste it to your project. If you want the images as well, then please use the download link to get all the files.



I hope you have already created your version of the snippet. Please follow us on our social media profiles to stay connected with this blog if you find this helpful. Thank you for stopping by.

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