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Hello friends, In this project, I will share a flexbox website homepage snippet with you. I have also made the homepage snippet (flexbox website template) responsive for the small devices using CSS media queries with some minor alterations of the CSS properties. In this blog, I have shared many projects on CSS animation examples, bootstrap, JavaScript, HTML CSS, and so on. Please check those as well, apart from this snippet. For a detailed understanding of the code, I suggest you follow the below video and then come back to get the source code.

I hope you watched the video and got some idea about the project. Now,  what is css flexbox? CSS flexbox is a one-dimensional layout pattern. Using CSS flexbox layout, we can design flexible and effective web layouts. To create a website, we need a homepage first. In this snippet, we made a simple-looking homepage design with a logo, navbar, and a call-to-action button on the top-right side of the homepage. I also used a full-screen background image for this project. I didn't use any banner text in this homepage design template, because my main focus was to make a responsive flexbox navbar. I used basic CSS flexbox properties to create the snippet and, all of them are self-explanatory.

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CSS Flexbox Homepage Layout [ Source Code ]: 

To make this snippet, create an HTML file with a .html extension and then a CSS file with a .css extension. After That, link the external file with the HTML file. Please copy the code below and paste them into your file and save them.



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