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Hello Friends, I hope you are all well. Today we will share funny CSS animation with you. In this project, we have created a snippet using CSS background loop animation which looks like a superhero flying in the sky. We share regular videos on front-end development on our YouTube Channel. You can subscribe to our channel if you want. Take a good look at the video tutorial below for this snippet.

I hope you have watched the video tutorial and understood the snippet. First, a PNG image is taken inside a div in the HTML part. Then in the CSS part,  the image is taken in the middle with the display grid property. Then a background image is taken for the body element and, an infinite animation is set for the loop animation. This simple snippet is then done using the background-position property in the CSS Keyframes animation.

CSS Background Loop Animation [ Source Code ]:

To create this project, first, you need an HTML file with an extension of .html. Then you need to create a CSS file with the extension of .css. Attach the external CSS to HTML. Then copy the source code from the code box below and paste it into your file. If you have a problem with the code below, you can also download the code from the download button.



Hopefully, you have successfully implemented the code. If you like this simple snippet, then share our blog articles. Follow us on social media for more projects like this. Thank you so much for visiting us.

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