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Hello, today in this blog, we will share a brand logo slider snippet. This snippet is made with HTML CSS and owl carousel 2 jQuery plugin. We regularly publish front-end development videos on our YouTube channel. If you are interested in learning front-end development, you can subscribe to our channel. Please watch the video tutorial below before downloading the snippet. The video will help you to understand and implement the code effectively.

I hope you have watched the whole video. So what is the brand logo slider? Logo Slider is a responsive slider that displays the logo of a company supporter or client on the website. Each website uses this logo slider to enhance a company's brand image. In this snippet, we will first take an h2 header and a paragraph text. This part will serve as the section header of the snippet. Then I will take a div called 'brand-carousel' and take six image boxes in it.

For this snippet, we took the CDN version of Owl Carousel 2 and the latest jQuery file. The reason for using this jQuery plugin is that its implementation is very straightforward. Almost all websites use this plugin to create their logo slider or Banner slider. We have used the Owl Carousel 2 website basic demo for this project. According to the rules of the plugin, the 'owl-carousel' class must first be added to the original image div. Then I have put the Basic Demo implementation code at the bottom of the HTML file. After the slider started working, the HTML elements were styled using some basic CSS. We also gave a custom style to the dots on the owl carousel.

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Brand Logo Carousel Slider  [ Source Code ]

First create an HTML file with .html extension and a CSS file with .css extension. Add the latest jQuery locally or use the CDN version as I did for this project. The same goes for the owl carousel 2 plugin files. After that, copy the code below and paste them into your project. If you are having problem with code below then download the source code from the button provided below.



I hope you have successfully implemented the code. If you like this snippet, then consider following us. We publish front-end-development snippets on this blog frequently. Thanks for visiting the blog.

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