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With HTML & CSS we can create beautiful animations as well as create websites. Today we will create a beautiful blinking text animation with CSS. You can modify this snippet more beautifully if you want. Watch the video tutorial below before collecting the source code. We regularly publish frontend-related videos on our YouTube channel. If you are interested in frontend development then subscribe to our channel.

I hope you have seen the video and got some idea about the snippet. CSS animations are a set of CSS properties that can be applied to HTML elements to animate their appearance. To make this snippet, we first took a div called 'wrapper'. We used the display grid property to bring our content to the center of the viewport. Then with an h2 tag in it, we have enclosed the even letters of our text with span tags. Then we have set up an animation property for letters without spans and with spans. One of the differences between the two animation properties is the animation timing. The animation timing of the first is 2 seconds and that of the second is 3 seconds. Then we completed our desired animation with the CSS Keyframes animation property. If you use the glowing effect in the letters of this snippet, the snippet will look more beautiful. More beautiful animations can be achieved with CSS. This snippet is just a part of it.

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CSS Blinking Text Animation [ Source Code ]:

The first thing you need to do is create an HTML file. You also need to create a CSS file. You should add the external CSS file to the HTML file. You can paste the code from the code box into your own file. Save the file and then open it in the browser. Check to see if the snippet is working properly.



I hope you have done a good job implementing the code. Front-end related source code can be found on this website on a regular basis. If you are new to front-end development, then this type of snippet might be useful for you. If you are interested, you should visit this website more often. I want to thank you very much for your visit.

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