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In this blog, I share another bootstrap snippet based on creating a responsive bootstrap pricing table. I have shared a couple of bootstrap related project before. Check those out if you want.

Nowadays we see lots of websites offers a different kind of services on their website. For this reason, they include a pricing table or price table in their webpage's purchase section. Visitors see other types of package detail that the company is offering in the pricing table. The visitors can compare the deals according to the price. On top of it, users can see what kind of services or features they are getting within that price range.

In case if you are wondering, what is the pricing table? Then I can give you an example of that. I am assuming you have visited many hosting provider websites for purchasing domain-hosting for your website. Companies like Namecheap, Hostgator, and many companies offer different packages like basic, business, etc. with a diverse price range. These types of a section in those pages called pricing table.

In this project, I share one of those pricing table snippets, and the table will be responsive to small devices. I m using bootstrap for this pricing table and using the CDN version for this framework. You can download the bootstrap CSS file from their official website. After designing the pricing table, I have included a nice CSS transform scale effect for all three pricing tables. If you want to see how this pricing table works and the necessary coding behind it, I will recommend following the video below.

I hope you have watched the entire video and understand the necessary coding of this particular project.

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I have the bootstrap framework for creating this snippet, and most of the classes used here are from bootstrap itself. I have implemented bootstrap because, with the k=help of it, we can create any responsive interface very easily. this framework has lots of pre-built snippets that we can use easily for our projects. We have to use the bootstrap classes in our design, and this framework will do the rest. 

I have taken a div element named 'pricing-area' where I have taken bootstrap 'container' class in the HTML markup. This class will provide a default margin padding to our project and take the project to the center. Later I have taken the bootstrap 'row' class, which provides the bootstrap columns a place and acts as a wrapper for those columns. After that, I have three responsive grid columns for medium and small devices. I have taken a separate div called 'single-price' and provide four different segments in it. The first one is the price header, the second one price value, the third one is the deals, and last not least in the get started button. I have taken three of those 'single-price' div and change the pieces of information like price header, price value, etc.

In the CSS part, first of all, I have provided a yellowish background to the body. Later I have provided a custom padding of 80px from top and bottom and 0px from left and right to the 'pricing-area' div element. I have applied some CSS styles to the pseudo-elements of 'single-price' to make an angle shape. Later applied some CSS styles so that we can create a hexagon shape for the price value. I have used dark orchid as the base color for this project. You can choose any color of your choice when you use the code by yourself. After that styling, I have changed some values in the Responsive Web Design Media Queries so that the projects nicely adjust for the small devices. There are so many things to explain for this snippet, and it's not possible to explain everything in word. that is why I am providing you the source code for this project so that you can do some experiments with the code.

Responsive Pricing Table Design (source code) :

For this snippet, you have to link the bootstrap first. Later link the CSS file and copy and paste the codes below.



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