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Client Logo slider or carousel is one of the crucial parts of any website. To establish authenticity, most of the websites nowadays adding this section in their websites. Client slider or logo slider is one of the best ways to showcase your company's logo that an institution has already served or serving. If any reputed company received any services from any institution and added their logo in the slider, then the acceptance of that institution to any new client will be high. If they become impressed, then there is a chance that they will buy your services and you get benefited. That is why the client logo slider is a crucial portion of any website nowadays.

In this blog, we will try to make simple looking client logo slider or carousel with HTML, CSS, and a jQuery plugin named owl carousel. Initially, we have to download the plugin from their official website. We need three files from there. One is a CSS file, the second one theme default CSS, and the last one is a js file. We have to add the latest jQuery as well; otherwise, the plugin will not work. For the sake of this snippet, I have used the online CDN version of each file, but if you have already downloaded the plugin, you can add them manually to your project. For this project, I will highly suggest you follow the tutorial below from start to finish to have some idea about the coding.

Video Tutorial:

I hope you have watched the entire video. Let's start with the HTML portion of the project. We first start by creating a div named 'brand-carousel,' and we add another class, 'section-padding' to it. We added this class to give the snippet padding from top and bottom. after that, we will six divs inside and name each of them as 'single-logo.' later, we will provide an image in each of the divs. In this tutorial, I have used one logo image for each of the div, but you will separate logos when you modify the snippet.

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Let's move to the CSS part of the snippet. First, we will give the body element a black background color. Then we will take padding of 60px from the top and bottom and 0px from the right and left. After that, we give a '#eee' background color to the brand-carousel div and a margin-top value of 15%. To implement the owl carousel plugin to our project, we have to click the plugin website's demos. From all the different examples out there, we will choose the first 'basic' example. You can try the other models too, but for the sake of this tutorial, I am selecting the simple one so that we can have some basic idea of how to use the plugin. After clicking the basic, we will get the code, and we will copy and paste that in our snippet. Now we will add the 'owl-carousel' class with the 'brand-carousel' div.

Now we will edit the options available in the initiating code. We want our slider to be continuously sliding, so we will add a loop and set the value to true. Then we will select a margin of 10 between each logo. Finally, we will put five items for larger devices for responsiveness, three things for the medium devices, and 1 item for the small appliances. 

Responsive Infinite Client Logo slider (Source Code):

For this project, you have to collect the required files first and create one HTML and one CSS file. Add those files to your project and copy the code below and paste it to your project.



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