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Most websites nowadays add a scroll to top button on their websites. Sometimes landing page websites could be long in height, and when a visitor scroll down the webpage and for some reason, if they want to go back to the top for some information, they have to scroll back to the top. This experience sometimes annoys the visitor, and if they have to do this for every page, they will leave the website. If we think from the user perspective, every landing page website should have a back-to-top button website. For this snippet, I will highly suggest you follow the tutorial below from start to finish.

I am assuming that you have followed the entire video and have some ideas about the project we are making today. In this blog, I have shared a simple snippet based on creating a scroll to top or back to the top button using HTML, CSS, and a little bit of jquery code. After creating a simple-looking webpage, I have created a button for the bottom right corner of the webpage with a font-awesome 'chevron-up' icon in it. I have applied some necessary HTML CSS coding to create the whole website and the button. The codes are quite self-explanatory, and anyone with bare minimum knowledge of HTML and CSS can understand this. Later I have added a little amount of jquery code for the snippet to work. When the visitor is on top of the webpage, the button does not show up. But as they start scrolling down, then after a certain distance from the top, the scroll to top or back to top button will show up, and whenever the user clicks on that button, it will take them to the top. This is the central concept of this project. Now without further explanation, I have given you the code below to do some experiment by yourself.

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Scroll To Top button using HTML CSS and JQuery ( Source Code ):

For making this snippet, you have to create one HTML and CSS file. Link the CSS file to your HTML and copy and paste the code below in your project.



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