water ripple effect

Hello Friends, Today in this blog, we will create an animated background using HTML, CSS, and jquery. We will see how we can quickly implement  Water Ripple Effect in the Home Section of our Website. Now, What it does is, adds a layer of water to the HTML elements and it will ripple by cursor movement. We will implement a jquery plugin named 'jquery. ripples' for this project. Please follow the below tutorial for a better understanding.

I hope you watched the video. Search by the name 'water ripple jquery plugin' in google. Download the plugin made by 'sirxemic.' After unzipping the file, take the 'jquery.ripples.js' file and add it to your HTML file. Add the latest jquery for the plugin to work. After that, copy the code below code boxes and paste them into your files.



That's all. I hope you have created your version of the snippet. Thank you for the visit.

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