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Hello Visitors, today in this blog, you will learn to create a responsive testimonial card slider using bootstrap four and owl carousel two. Previously, I have shared some snippets based on CSS animation examples, bootstrap, JavaScript, etc. Please make sure to check those. For better understanding, please follow the video tutorial below.

I hope you watched the video. Now, what is a testimonial slider? The testimonial slider displays the various reviews or testimonial text given by the consumers. For displaying those reviews, developers use a specific carousel named a testimonial slider or the customer review slider. In this snippet, I have used the bootstrap framework and owl carousel jquery plugin. The Owl carousel is a touch-enabled plugin that lets you create a nice responsive carousel slider.

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In this testimonial slider snippet, I have put the reviewer image on the left side and the text content on the right side. The thumbnail is created in a rounded shape using the CSS border-radius property. The quote is on the right side with inverted commas followed by name and designation text. I used Allura google font to make the name of the reviewer look like a digital sign. I set the autoplay: true in the owl carousel initiating script, which means the carousel will slide automatically. You can also drag the slider elements to move to the following slides as well. In the owl carousel plugin, we can set how many items will be on the different viewports. So apart from the small devices, I set two items, for all other viewport devices. Without further explanation, I am providing the code below.

Responsive Testimonial Carousel [ Source Code ]:

To make this snippet, you have to create two files. one is HTML with .html extension and the other one is CSS with .css extension. link the CSS file in HTML. Link the related fonts of your choice from the google fonts website. After that, link the bootstrap, jQuery, and owl carousel CDN. Please copy the code below and paste it into the related files and save it.



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