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Hello Friends, In this blog, We will learn how to create a simple responsive wedding invitation website layout. I have shared many snippets on CSS animation examples, HTML CSS, JavaScript, jQuery plugins implementation before in this blog. Please check those as well apart from this snippet if you want. For this snippet, please follow the below video tutorial for better understanding.

I hope you have watched the video. This snippet is about responsive web design or responsive design. We will learn website design or web design based on CSS Flexbox. We will create wedding invitation templates or wedding invitations responsive websites in this project. CSS flexbox is a one-dimensional layout method. This box layout method helps us to make a flexible responsive layout.

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Amour - wedding invitation template [ Source Code ]:

To make this Responsive website template, create one HTML file with .html extension and one CSS file with .css extension. After that, attach the external CSS in the HTML file. Please copy the source below from the below code boxes and paste them into your files.



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