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Hello friends. Today, in this blog, we will share a snippet of the UI design of the shopping cart. This simple responsive cart page is built with HTML and CSS only. Before collecting the source code, I suggest you watch the video tutorial below. By doing this, you will understand the code better. We have shared over 1000 web design-related videos on our YouTube channel. So stay tuned by subscribing to our channel.

We hope you enjoy the video tutorial and understand how we designed the interface. The first question that comes to our mind is what is a shopping cart page? If we go to a shopping mall, we collect the product of our choice in a cart and go to the counter and make payment. Now, what if we buy something from an e-commerce website from home. All the products we buy are piled on a page. After making the online payment, the products are sent to us. We have designed such a shopping cart page in this blog. Although it is not functional, it does not have any back-end functionalities like PHP. It is designed with HTML and CSS only. The whole snippet is divided into two parts. On one side, product image, product name, price, quantity, and remove button have been added. On the other side, we have the total price of the products and the check-out button.

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Responsive cart page HTML CSS [ Source Code ]

To create this snippet, you first need to create two files. One is HTML and the other is CSS. Add their extensions exactly with each file. Then download the source code from the button below and paste it into your project.

I hope you have implemented the code. We share this kind of code in this blog regularly. So follow us on social media profiles so that you can stay connected with us. Share our blog articles with like-minded people. Learn for yourself and help others learn. Thank you for visiting our blog.

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