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In this blog, we will share a CSS animation example snippet about CSS loading animation. If the system can't process a user's request right now, it will display a loading animation to tell the user that your system is still processing your request. If the user doesn't see anything then they think the system is malfunctioning and they leave the website. It's better to have some sort of animation during the loading process to engage the user. Before getting the source code, watch the video tutorial below. This video will help you get to the heart of the HTML and CSS code. You can subscribe to the Youtube channel if you like what you see.

I hope you have watched the video tutorial about infinite loading animation. Beautiful page loading animations can be created with JavaScript but we only used HTML and CSS to create this infinite loading animation. Here seven single divs are taken inside a parent div named loader. Each div is given a fixed width and height. Then an animation property is set for each div. Each div is given a separate animation-delay value. For this, each div will animate after a certain time. In order to get the required effect, we used keyframes animation after that.

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CSS infinite page Loading animation [ Source code ]:

The first step you should do is to make two files. One is an HTML file and the other is a CSS file. Attach the external file to the document. You can paste the code into your file by taking it from the box below. If you want to check it out, you can open the project in the browser. If the code isn't working, the source code needs to be downloaded from the button below.



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