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There is a recent trend in website design that shows fullscreen videos. Nowadays, a lot of websites are made using this trend. There is a good reason why it is used by website designers. A background video is a great way to amplify your brand's message, add a dynamic look to it, and help the website look astounding. In this blog post, we have shared a step-by-step guide to creating a responsive website header with a full-screen video. If you want to have a proper idea about the project, watch the video below. There are hundreds of videos related to front-end development uploaded on our YouTube channel. If you enjoy watching the videos, please subscribe to our channel.

I hope you have seen the video and got some idea about the snippet. Full-screen video backgrounds can be a good resource if you want to encourage new visitors to stay longer on your website. Of course, it is also true that content is king and there can be no substitute for it. However, if the content representation is modern and aesthetic then your website visitors will get attracted to it and your business leads and ranking will increase.

A full-screen video background takes up the entire width and height of the website homepage. Over this video, you can place your featured page content like website slogan, text, call-to-action button, and so on. You can easily create a beautiful HTML5 video background with CSS, but you'll need to be familiar with CSS3 properties. We’ll show you how to add a simple fullscreen video background to your web page, which you can tweak and adjust to your needs. 

To make this project we have taken a header tag and placed a video tag with several attributes. The attributes are important for the background to work. The video starts when the page loads and the attribute helps to do that. The video is played in an infinite loop thanks to the loop attribute. If the video you are using has sound, it can be very annoying for a website visitor. Here the muted attribute will turn off the sound of your video. Add an id or class name to the video tag to style the video. To get full-screen video, the header tag is given relative position value and the video-bg class is given absolute position. The right and bottom properties are set to zero. Min-width and min-height are given as 100%. You can see how the rest of the project elements such as the menu bar, banner text, call-to-action button, etc are styled by watching the video above.

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Video Background HTML CSS [ Source Code ]:

After creating the project folder create two files HTML and CSS. Link the external CSS file to the HTML file. Then take the code from the code box below and paste it into your files. Save and open it in the browser to see if it works. If it doesn't work then download the code from below download button.



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