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Welcome to today's blog. Today we will share another interesting bootstrap snippet about footer design. In this blog, we will learn how to create a responsive footer using HTML, CSS, and the latest version of Bootstrap. If you want to have a good idea about the project, you need to watch the video tutorial below. There are tons of videos on CSS animation examples, full website projects, Javascript snippets, jQuery plugins, and other things on our YouTube channel. This channel could become an interesting choice if you are a beginner or just starting out. If you find our videos helpful, you can also subscribe to our channel.

I hope after watching this video you've got some ideas. Now, what is a website footer? Footer is an important element of a website that is usually found at the bottom of almost every web page. A website footer is where you add contact information, copyright statements, navigation buttons, and other things that are common to many websites. It also includes content like a Site Search Tool, login, Social Media Widgets, Phone and Fax numbers, Address or Link for Directions, Sitemap, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, etc.

In this Project, we have made a responsive footer with four different columns. Each column contains separate information related to the website. In the First column, where we have included the logo of the website, some basic text, and some card icons. The card icons indicate the payment methods. In the second and third columns, we have included links that will take the user to their desired location when they click on them. In the fourth column, we included a signup form for visitors and some social media links to the website. The project will become auto-responsive, as we have used bootstrap 5 for our project. In order to make sure the project looks good on smaller devices, we made some minor adjustments using CSS media queries. 

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Bootstrap 5 Footer Template [ Source Code ]:

The bootstrap files need to be added to your project after you have created the HTML and CSS files. Also, we will need to include the font awesome CDN so that we can use some icons. You can copy and paste from the below boxes. You can view or download the source code by clicking on the download button below.



I hope your code is working fine. We've put a load more button at the bottom of our website's homepage so that you can keep getting more such code samples. We appreciate you visiting our site.

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