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A navigation menu or navbar is a series of links that help website visitors navigate through different pages and view a website in detail. The navigation menu at the top of the website homepage is an essential element of any website because it makes it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for on the website. dropdown menus are used in a website's main menu. By using it one can visit any website sub-pages or sections without cluttering the main navigation menu. A drop-down menu is a list item element in the main navigation of a website that is opened by hovering or clicking on the nav item. Drop-down menus are usually vertical and are designed based on the design of a website. In today's project, we have designed a simple animated drop-down menu using HTML CSS. You can check the step-by-step process from the video tutorial below. If you like our content you can subscribe to our YouTube channel and press the bell notification icon for future uploads.

Video Tutorial:

Hope you have watched the above video tutorial. Any website drop-down menus present a website to a visitor in an organized way. A website can have multiple sub-pages or sections. These sub-pages or sections can be easily accessed by visitors through the drop-down menu. It wastes very little of their time and can get a full understanding of a website in a short period of time.

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CSS Animated Dropdown Menu [ Source Code ]: 

To create this web page you first have to create HTML and CSS files. After that, we have to link the files properly. Now copy the code given in the code box below and paste it into your files. You can save the code and then open it in your browser. If the code doesn't work, you can download it from the download button given below. You should try to make the code more dynamic once you have it in hand. Because by doing this you can take your knowledge further.



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