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An online CV or Curriculum Vitae, also known as an online resume, is a digital version of a traditional resume that is hosted and accessed online. This online CV typically includes the same information as a traditional paper resume. This information includes my personal and contact information, work experience, education, skills, and other relevant information. There is a video below that shows the procedure for making an online CV.  Our YouTube Channel contains video tutorials related to CSS, Javascript, and other Web Design Projects. If you enjoy the content of our channel, please subscribe.

Video Tutorial:

I hope you have watched the tutorial. You can easily share your professional information with potential employers or clients if you have an online resume. It is possible to increase your online presence and visibility to recruiters and other professionals in your field in this process. However, you need to consider privacy and security concerns when creating an online CV, especially if your CV will be used for job applications. You Need to ensure that the information you include is accurate and up-to-date.

There is a profile image at the top of the online resume we created. The name and designation are available below. The information in the resume is divided into two parts. On the left are Personal Information, Skills, and Education-related information. The entire column on the right side is about work experience-related information. CSS media queries are used to make the snippet responsive. On small devices, all the information will align in one column.

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Responsive Resume CV Website [ Source Code ]:

A new HTML and CSS file is needed to create this excerpt. The code box below allows you to copy and paste it into your files. If the code isn't working, you can download it from the download button below.



We are hoping that the code is working for you. You can use the snippets on the website in your projects. If you enjoy the content of the website, please share it with your friends. We'd like to thank you for visiting our website.

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