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An image gallery on the website is a collection of important pictures or images that are displayed among visitors in an alluring way. In this way, you can showcase images or artworks to your audience in an engaging and intuitive manner. Additionally, if the modal popup is included in the gallery then its aesthetics will improve much more. Modal popup means that when the image is clicked, the image will be viewed in a larger size. Today we'll share with you an image gallery snippet built with Bootstrap 5 that includes a modal popup. Many of you may be familiar with the Lightbox Image Gallery plugin. This image gallery will work the same way as that one. There are three images that are in one line. If you want, you can use the Bootstrap grid to add more images. You can clear up your confusion by watching the video below. 

Video Tutorial:

We hope you have watched the video tutorial. Normally all image galleries have a thumbnail grid, clickable thumbnails, and a lightbox-type popup window. Some of them have navigation controls and a slideshow option with image descriptions of captions. Here we have created a basic Image gallery with three images and included a hover overlay animation in all of them. When we click on the images, a large version of the image appears where the user can see the project or artwork in detail. The surroundings become darker when the popup appears so that the user can focus on the larger picture. If we click anywhere, the popup will disappear, and we'll go back to the image gallery. To create this, we have used Bootstrap 5 open-source framework, and its modal popup feature. Since this image gallery is built with Bootstrap, it will be auto-responsive. To transform it into a larger image gallery, keep adding more lines and images. You can use the Bootstrap 5 framework to create a beautiful image gallery like this for your project without using any external plugins.

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Bootstrap 5 Image Gallery Modal Popup [ Source Code ]:

The first step is to create a HTML and later a CSS file. Add the bootstrap 5 CDN as shown in the above video. After that copy the code from the code box below and paste it into your original files. If you have detected any issues after reviewing the code in your browser, you can download it from the button we provided below.



Now you have successfully created a Bootstrap 5 Image Gallery Modal Popup functionality in it. Go to our website's homepage and click the load more button. You will find codes that could be useful for your upcoming project there. Please spread the word to other like-minded individuals if you enjoyed our website's content. Thank you for coming to our website.

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