Responsive Masonry Image Gallery

An image gallery on a website is basically a collection of important images of the website owner. To make a website captivating and interactive to the user, the use of an image gallery is important. With this segment of the website, users can easily browse through images. Today, in this blog post, we will create a responsive masonry image gallery that adapts nicely to all types of devices. In the video tutorial below, We have shown the process of making this responsive web design snippet. Watch the video before collecting the source code. Subscribe to our YouTube channel if you find our content useful.

Video Tutorial:

We hope that you have watched the video till the end. The masonry image gallery is a popular trend in website design. It is different from a traditional image gallery. Here all the images are arranged in a grid. The height and width of the images used in masonry galleries are not the same as in traditional image galleries. In traditional image galleries, all images have the same width and height. In masonry galleries, Images have different height and width. The visually striking presentation of images in the masonry image gallery makes a website more interesting and visually appealing.

For optimal viewing experience across various devices and screen, responsive web design is a must. Bearing that in mind we have made this masonry image gallery responsive. We used column-count and column-gap CSS properties to control this multi-column layout. For the large devices, we used 'column-count: 3' and this ensures the layout to be formed with 3 columns. The 'column-gap: 10px' sets a 10px gap between each column. For medium and small devices we have changed the value of 'column-count' in responsive media queries. Please watch the above video tutorial for more understanding. 

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Responsive Masonry Image Gallery [ Source Code ]:

Create a CSS and an HTML file for this project. Copy the code from the code box below and paste it into your files. If you want you can download the entire code from the download button below.



Responsive masonry Image galleries are trendy components of modern web design. If you want to make your website aesthetically appealing, you can use these types of image galleries. If you want more snippets, you can click the load more button on our website. Thanks for the visit.

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