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The technique used to create dynamic and visual effects on any website is called CSS animation. Using this CSS technique, any HTML element can be moved, changed or transformed over time without the need for any scripting language. Today we will give you a snippet about CSS Hover Effects or CSS Animation example. We all know that a strong social media presence is essential for every brand's website. That is why it is necessary to have social media links on the website. Presenting these social media buttons attractively to users increases engagement. The video tutorial below shows how to create social media icon hover animation using HTML and CSS. Watch the video tutorial and subscribe to our channel if you like it.

Video Tutorial:

We Hope you have watched the CSS Hover effects or CSS Animation video tutorial above. Social media buttons are clickable elements on a website that help facilitate social sharing. Various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. can be linked through these social media buttons. These social media buttons increase the connection and engagement between website visitors and its social media profiles. Through these buttons website visitors can share their favorite content on their social media profiles. In short, the presence of social media buttons on a website is a must.

The presence of social media buttons with animation is necessary for several reasons. Some of these are user interaction, user engagement, aesthetic appeal, feedback and confirmation, visual hierarchy and focus, consistency, branding, etc. In today's CSS Animation Snippet, we've created five animated social media buttons. If we hover over each of them, we will see a water-filled animation on each button. We will also see the social media icon rotate when hovering over each button.

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Icon hover animation CSS [ Source Code ]:

To create this CSS Hover effect or CSS animation example, we need to create the HTML and CSS Files. After that, copy the source code below and paste it into your HTML and CSS files. If the code is not working properly, download the source code using the download button below this blog post.



CSS animation is a helpful tool for creating dynamic and engaging interfaces. It helps to make a website functional, attractive, and memorable to the user. Today's CSS hover effect example is based on CSS animations. We hope you have collected the source code. If you need more, you can click the Load More button on our homepage. Thanks for visiting our website.

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