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Hello Friends, in this blog, we will create a bootstrap homepage with a video background. I have Shared many snippets on CSS animation examples, HTML CSS, JavaScript, jQuery plugin implementation, etc in this blog before. Please make sure to check those apart from this one. For this snippet, I will suggest you follow the below video tutorial till the end for better understanding.

I hope you have watched the video and got some idea about the project. In all Bootstrap templates or websites, we have to create a homepage. Now, what is the Homepage? This section is called the inaugural part of any website. This part of the website often serves as the site's index. For creating this bootstrap template snippet or bootstrap example we are using the latest version of bootstrap called bootstrap 5. We could have used bootstrap 4 for it but, using the latest version will keep us up-to-date.

For making this snippet, collect one copyright-free video from the Pixabay website. I didn't add the video link in the source code. You have to download one video from Pixabay videos and add it to your project. Add the necessary files to your project, as shown in the video tutorial above. We have used bootstrap snippets of the carousel and navbar and modified them according to our needs. First of all, We have added the video tag in HTML. We have placed our video inside it as a source. We have added all the necessary attributes like autoplay, muted, loop in the video tag. Then we took the navbar snippet from the bootstrap 5 website and, paste it under the video tag. We have added the bootstrap fixed-top class in the nav element so that the navbar remains fixed after scrolling. We have eliminated the form, dropdown, and nav link that contain a disabled class. After that, we have added six nav items like home, about, department, doctors, blog, and contact. We have moved the nav items to the right side of the homepage by adding a bootstrap class 'ms-auto'. There is also a call-to-action button at the top-right position of the homepage.

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For adding the carousel to our project, we will go back to the bootstrap website and get the carousel snippet. We need the one with captions for our project. So we added that in our project and eliminated the images from there. As we are using background video for our project, the images are not required here. In the carousel caption, we will remove the 'd-none' and 'd-md-block' classes and add those in the p tag we used for text. In this way, the paragraph text will not be visible on the smaller devices. In the carousel caption, we took a header tag, a paragraph tag for text, and a call-to-action button. We also added the necessary inline CSS styles for the text animation. Follow the video tutorial above for a detailed understanding. In the CSS, we gave the video tag a position absolute value and a particular height-width. We also gave it a z-index so that it remains at the back of the carousel caption. After that, I did some basic styling which you can understand by watching the above video tutorial. We have used CSS media queries to make the snippet responsive for smaller devices.

Bootstrap 5 Homepage with video Background [ Source Code ]:

For making the snippet, create one HTML file with .html extension and one CSS file with .css extension. Get the necessary CDN's as shown in the video and add them to your project. Please Copy the code below from the below code boxes and paste them into your project.



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