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Welcome to today's blog. Today we will learn how we can design a Responsive Tab with just HTML and CSS. We have shared many projects on this blog before. If you have time, you can take a look at them. I suggest you watch the video tutorial of this project below. Because by doing this, you will understand the source code better. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel for the future. Because on our YouTube channel, we share a lot of video tutorials and source code related to the front-end Development.

I hope you watched the whole video and understood what we are going to learn today. A tab is a clickable area through which we can go to different web pages or segments. When we click on the tab's label, the content of that tab becomes visible to us. The contents of the other tabs are then hidden. Many websites nowadays use this tab element to create FAQ sections, login forms, navigations, etc.

To design this tab project, we took a div called 'wrapper' and put an input radio button in it. Then I have given a label and content below. Thus I have taken three segments like this with different IDs for each. In CSS, we will align the 'box' div or the elements of the tab through CSS Flexbox. Then I styled each label and content of the tab element. Content will first be 'Display: none'. After that, I use 'Display: block' with the help of a 'checked' CSS selector. This means that when we click a label on a tab or an element of the tab is 'checked', the content associated with that label will be visible to us. We've taken the help of CSS Media Queries to make this project responsive. To make the project look good on mobile devices, we have manipulated some CSS values ​​in the media query.

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Responsive tabs using only HTML and CSS [ Source Code ]:

To create this project, first, create two files. One is HTML and, the other is CSS. Add the CSS file to the HTML File. Copy the codes from the given code box and paste them into your HTML and CSS file. If you face any problem with the following code, download the source code from the download button.



I hope you have implemented the code nicely. If you want to get more source code like this, stay tuned. We would be very grateful if you could share the articles of this blog, hope to see you again in the next project. Until then, stay well. Thank you very much for visiting this blog.

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