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Hello Friends, In this blog, we will learn how to create an awesome social media button hover with a corner folding effect. Earlier I have shared many snippets on CSS animation examples, HTML CSS, JavaScript and jQuery plugins implementations, etc. And now I am sharing a snippet on button hover animation using only HTML and CSS. For this project, I would suggest you follow the below video tutorial for better understanding.

I think you have watched the whole video and understood how this project was made. What we will see here is that when we hover over the buttons, one of the corners of the buttons will be folded. This will make Hover animation look even more beautiful. Each button has been given color to make the project more beautiful.

Here you can understand how the buttons have been marked-up and styled by watching the video. The main topic here is how the corner fold animation occurred. First, all the tags have been given a relative position value and then its pseudo-element 'before has been given an absolute position value. Then border-width and border-radius values were taken. Then the border-width has been made zero for the condition of hover. For smooth animation, CSS transition has been used.

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Social Media Button Hover Effect [ Source Code ]:

For the project, you have to create one HTML file with a .html extension and one CSS file with a .css extension. make sure to add the font-awesome CDN because we have used the icons from this website. Add the external CSS in the HTML file. After all the primary setup, copy the code from the below code boxes and paste them into your project.



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