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Hello friends, today in this blog, we will share a background animation snippet. This project is made entirely of HTML and CSS. We did not use any JavaScript in this snippet. We have published many more videos like this on our YouTube channel. It is advisable to take a look at the video tutorial below before collecting the code.

We hope you enjoyed the video tutorial above and understand how CSS background animation works. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) not only help us with color, font size, and element position, we can create a lot of beautiful animations with them. Even if you don't know JavaScript, you can add various animations or effects to your website.

We tried to do the same in this snippet. First, I took a container div and then a navbar and banner text in it. Then I took six elements in an unordered list for the bubble effect of background animation. Then in the CSS part, I have styled the 'Wrapper' div element i.e. menu and banner text through CSS. A z-index value is also used to place all the contents of the wrapper div above the animated background. Then the li elements of the unordered list have been spread throughout the snippet through the CSS position property. Each element is given a different width and height. The bubbles have been placed one by one by changing the left value. Each element is given a different animation-delay and animation duration so that they are not animated together. Finally, we have completed the snippet using the CSS Transform property through CSS Keyframes animation. Looking at the animation it would seem that some bubbles are rising from the bottom up and disappearing as they get bigger.

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CSS Background Animation [ Source Code ]:

To make this snippet, you have to create two files. One is an HTML file with a .html extension and, the other is a CSS file with a.css extension. Please connect the external stylesheet with the HTML file. Download the file from the given button below. 

I hope you have successfully implemented the code. If you like this, please share the articles on this blog. Follow us on our social media profiles and stay connected with the blog. Thank you for visiting the blog.

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