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Hello, friends. Today I have brought for you another beautiful CSS snippet. You may have noticed that every portfolio website has a portfolio section. In this section, the website owner presents his works as an image gallery. Today we will create such an image gallery with CSS only. Before collecting the source code, I would recommend to you watch the video tutorial below. Because it will help you to understand the code better. We have over 1000 front-end-development-related videos on our YouTube channel. If you like front-end development, then subscribe to our YouTube channel. Because we regularly publish coding-related videos on this channel.

I hope you watched the whole video once and understood. If you want to add a dynamic image gallery to the portfolio section of your website, you can use mix it up or isotope. You can use the premium jQuery plugins. But, if you want to add a Simple Responsive image gallery, then this snippet is for you. Yet, it will not have any filtering or sorting effect. This snippet contains a section header. Then six images were taken in six boxes and a beautiful hover animation was used in it. We have created this CSS photo gallery using a CSS responsive image grid or CSS gallery grid. 

The whole project has been taken into a div called wrapper. Inside that wrapper div, there is a section header and six divs. Each div element contains an image and related text content. At the beginning of CSS, we have taken  Margin and, padding to zero. It will remove the default margin and padding of the project. We gave the body tag a display flex property. In this way, the child item, wrapper moved to the center of the viewport. Then the wrapper is given an 80% width and custom padding to make its alignment beautiful.

Now the display grid property is used in the 'main-content' div so that the image boxes are aligned one by one. A nice hover effect has been used in this CSS image gallery snippet for making it beautiful. Each box is also given a custom CSS box-shadow effect. Each image hover will have an overlay animation. The image-related content will slide from the left. When the hover is lifted it will go back to the previous position.

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Responsive CSS Image Gallery [ Source Code ]:

To create this snippet, you first need to create two files. One is the HTML file and, the other is the CSS file. When creating each file, keep in mind that the extensions are added properly. Then copy the code from the code box below, paste it into your file and save it. If, for some reason, the code below does not work, then download the code from the download button.



I hope you have implemented the code. In this blog, we regularly share code snippets. If you want to get front-end related source code then visit our blog. Also, follow us on our social media profile so that you can get regular notifications. Thanks for visiting our blog.

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