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CSS animation is a technique of web design through which dynamic and appealing effects can be created. It can animate various properties of HTML elements such as position, size, color, etc. Today we will create a background loop animation using css keyframes property with two images. Below is a video tutorial showing the coding process of this snippet. If you want, visit our YouTube channel and watch the video before collecting the code.

Video Tutorial:

We hope you have seen the video once. Basically, the animation we want to create here is an asteroid traveling through space. Animation is very simple and we can create this animation with a few lines of HTML and CSS code. This snippet can be an example for those who are new to web design and love to create various cool CSS animations with HTML and CSS. This is a basic CSS animation example and many more complex animations can be created with CSS.

In the HTML part, we have to take a container div 'Wrapper' with a PNG image of an asteroid inside it. In CSS, we first set the margin and padding to zero for the universal selector. This will reset the default margin and padding of the element we have taken to zero. The container div is given the display grid property so that the element inside it moves to the center of the viewport. Then the image within the 'wrapper' div is scaled down to 30% of its original size. The body element is then given a space background image. We also set up an animation property with an animation timing function. Then we defined the keyframe animation to get the animation we needed.

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CSS Background Loop Animation [ Source Code ]:

To create the snippet, create an HTML and CSS file and copy and paste the code from the code box below. Save and test it in the browser. If the animation doesn't work properly, download the code from the download button below.



Hope the animation works. To get more such CSS animations, javascript snippets, full website code, etc. click on the Load More button below our homepage. Thank you very much for visiting our website.

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