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The interactive and dynamic types of websites we see today are built with JavaScript and other programming languages at the backend. These languages add a lot of weight to websites which reduces the loading speed. Normally the content of these websites takes some time to load. At this time a visitor needs to be kept busy so that they do not think that the page is broken or not working. This is why developers use attractive loaders on their websites. Through this, the visitor is given the message that something is happening in the background. Today we will share with you a simple glowing CSS loader snippet. Below is a video of our YouTube channel showing the process of making it.

Video Tutorial:

We hope you have watched this CSS Animation example video tutorial. CSS loader is a type of loader that is built with cascading style sheets (CSS). However, many beautiful page loaders can be made with JavaScript. CSS loaders are very simple and lightweight. These CSS loading animations or CSS page loaders provide a sense of progress or activity to visitors. CSS loaders are used on websites in combination with JavaScript or other web technologies. These loaders play an important role in enhancing the user experience during the asynchronous operation of the website.

Due to the increasing complexity of websites and applications, the use of loaders has increased a lot these days. Since the advent of CSS3, developers have created many beautiful CSS loaders using its animation and transition properties. That's why they didn't have to rely heavily on complex languages like JavaScript. Our CSS loader snippet has a glowing effect in it. We have created the glowing effect using the CSS filter property. A CSS animation rule was set for the child divs within the parent div named loader.  Its animation duration is 1.5s, and animation timing will follow a cubic bezier curve with custom control points. The animation iteration count of this snippet will be infinite.

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How to make a Loader Animation in CSS [ Source Code ]:

First, create an HTML and CSS file and add the below code in it. If you see any problem while checking the snippet in the browser, download the code from the download button below.



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