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Hello friends, in this blog, I am sharing another snippet on the homepage design. In this case, we will learn how we can create a simple responsive bootstrap 5 Homepage Template. In this blog, I have shared many project snippets on HTML CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, CSS animation examples, Jquery plugins Implementation, etc. Please make sure to check those also apart from this project. For better understanding, I will recommend you to follow the below video tutorial and then come back to get the source code.

I hope you have watched the video and understood the basic coding behind the project. The whole project was made using different bootstrap 5 classes. We know that all bootstrap classes have got their CSS. For that, I didn't need to add any extra CSS. I have just added a font family for the project.

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For the responsive navbar, I have taken the navbar snippet from the bootstrap 5 websites. Then I have added the navbar-dark and bg-info class in it. In this way, the navbar color turns blue. For the padding left and right, I have added the px-4 class. I have also changed the container-fluid class and replaced that with the container class. In this way, the navbar remains in middle taking some spaces from the right and left sides. in the navbar-nav ul element, I have added ms-auto class so that the nav item moves to the right side of the homepage. For making the nav items white color, I used text-white class. I also added a call-to-action button in the navbar to make the navbar looks interactive. 

For the banner part, I used a bootstrap 5 column grid system and made two responsive columns. On one side, I have implemented the bootstrap carousel and, on the other part, I have added an image. In the carousel caption, I have added a header text, a paragraph text, and two call-to-action buttons. We know that Bootstrap is responsive, So the Carousel and image will nicely stack on each other when we view the project on small devices. They will also act as responsive.

Bootstrap 5 homepage template HTML [ Source Code ]:

For creating the project, you have to add bootstrap 5 CSS and js files along with the latest jquery file. You Can also add an animate CSS file if you want the banner text animate for every slide. I have not used any external CSS for the project. There is not much CSS required for this snippet. So, I have used internal CSS for giving a font family for the project. After that, download the source code below and add them to your project.


I hope you have successfully created the project. For those of you who are learning Bootstrap 5 at this moment, this snippet could be a good resource for your next project. Modify the snippet according to your need and play around with code to learn more. If you have liked the snippet, then please consider subscribing to the 'Divinector' channel. Also, please share the articles of this blog and follow us on our social media profiles for more free tutorials and source code soon. Thank you very much for stopping this blog. 

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