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Hello Friends, in this blog, I will share another snippet on the team card slider using bootstrap 4 and the owl carousel jQuery plugin. I have shared many code snippets on CSS animation examples, JavaScript, Webdesign, HTML CSS, jQuery plugins, etc. Please make sure to check projects as well. for this project, please follow the below video tutorial first and then come back to get the code for better understanding.

I hope you have watched the video and get some basic idea about the project. In this jQuery team slider, I have used a popular carousel plugin called owl carousel. In this team slider or team showcase with slider, I have made five different div box each contains an image and informative text relating to that image. I have used bootstrap 4 for our team slider jQuery or our team slider, to reduce the extra CSS styling. Bootstrap will help us to align all the boxes properly. We will also observe a nice-looking hover animation when we will hover over the boxes as well.

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Responsive Team Slider [ Source Code ]:

For this snippet, Please make two files. one is HTML file with a .html extension and, the other one is CSS file with a .css extension. add latest jQuery and owl carousel cdns in the HTML file along with the external CSS file. After that, please copy the code below from code boxes and paste them into your project.



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